21 years of experience and infuses
thrill into every ride


An off-road motorcycle manufacturer, boasts 21 years of experience and infuses thrill into every ride.

With a passion for adventure, APOLLINO is committed to becoming a global leader in light extreme riding brands. Manifesting a wealth of fun for teenagers and powerful lineups to cater to the needs of diversified demands, APOLLINO’s commitment shines in every terrain.  

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Pioneering Manufacturer of Extreme Sports Vehicles

With a history spanning 20 years, APOLLINO has evolved as one of the leading manufacturers of dirt bikes, electric bikes, ATVs and electric dirt bikes around the globe. Dedicated to revolutionizing the all-terrain experience for all ages, APOLLINO supplies and crafts extreme sports vehicles, delivering not only thrill but also safety and comfort.

We aim to establish a light, extreme biking brand with an environment-friendly design so users grow up responsibly caring for nature while having fun. With low MOQ and faster delivery, we dream of competing with the leading brands, joining hands with local suppliers and dirt bike distributors, and offering a safer, eco- friendly and economical product range that isincredible in performance and quality.

Revolutionizing Extreme Off-Road Adventure with Cutting-Edge R&D

The driving force behind APOLLINO innovation is the R&D department, strenuously working to cater to the needs of wholesalers, dealers and agents like you.

To ensure superior performance, we ensure excellence in frame geometry, precision tolerance, and material selection.

This ensures uniformity across all products. We also take great care in the fit and finish of each piece to provide an unparalleled riding experience.

We’ve relentlessly invested in R&D since our establishment. No effort is spared in incorporating cutting-edge technology, including computerised integrated design and testing.
Our CIM and AUTO CAD systems run each stage of the manufacturing process, from the initial stages of mould creation, forging, and casting, to the intricate methods of gear machining, engine assembly, welding, and painting.

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