Electric Dirt Bike

Electric Dirt Bikes Enable Outdoor Adventure

Electric dirt bikes are the next milestone in the evolution of off-road biking, made possible by advancements in battery technology and motor technology. These next-generation off-road machines feature impressive top speeds and instant acceleration, making them ideal for adrenaline-pumping rides.

APOLLINO aims to to design and produce the best electric dirt bikes on the market. Combining cutting-edge technology with sustainability and exhilarating performance, our bikes feature user-friendly controls, extended battery life, and instant torque.

Embrace the Excitement-Electric Dirt Bikes

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Electric Dirt Bike Outstanding Features

Flexibility and Customizability

With APOLLINO, you have the flexibility to select vehicles for any terrain, and a diverse range of wheel rims and voltage options, enabling you to design tailored electric off-road vehicle solutions that perfectly align with your specific business requirements.

APOLLINO offers a range of rim sizes, allowing for varying preferences and riding conditions. The smaller rim sizes (10 or 12 inches) are more suitable for kids to enable great maneuverability. On the other hand, larger rim sizes (19 or 21 inches) give riders better control over rugged trails.
We also offer a choice of voltage allows riders to match electric dirt bikes to their skill level and the type of terrain they will be exploring. A 24V electric dirt bike suitable for riders requiring a mix of speed and control, a 36V electric bike is suitable for riders who want gradual power delivery, and a 48V electric bike is for those who demand high-performance capabilities from their bikes.

Smooth and Safe Off-Roading

Designed and built to absorb the impact of rugged terrains, the suspension system of APOLLINO electric dirt bikes delivers a smooth and controlled off-road riding experience. Moreover, electric dirt bikes generate minimal vibrations, and the user-friendly controls for safety is a great plus with young riders that making them ideal for those who want both performance and comfort.

Power and Agility

Lightweight Frame
APOLLINO electric dirt bikes feature lightweight but durable frames that guarantee a lifetime of rides. This feature makes electric dirt bikes safe because they are easy to control, even in challenging off-road conditions like tight corners on steep inclines.
Powerful Battery
Thanks to advancements in electric motor and battery technologies, APOLLINO electric dirt bike battery delivers powerful performance and extended ride times. Riders can safely explore trails and not worry about running out of power. The extended range is a very attractive feature for electric dirt bike enthusiasts.
Instant Torque
APOLLINO electric dirt bikes deliver instant torque, giving riders the powerful acceleration they crave. This feature gives riders a thrilling burst of speed, ensuring exciting off-road adventures.

Riding in Harmony-Embrace Nature

Last and foremost, electric dirt bikes provide an eco-friendly ride. The silence of electric dirt bikes allows riders to enjoy nature without disturbing the peace and quiet of the surroundings. Today’s consumers are environmentally aware and our electric dirt bikes help them to abide by their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Choosing to partner with APOLLINO is indispensable for
providing your customers with eco-friendly choices.

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