20 Years of Leading Vehicle Excellence

APOLLINO proudly stand as one of the globe’s most influential motorcycle manufacturers. We continue to push our boundaries in creating excellent products for our customers.

With 20 years of development, we proudly present our dirt bikes, electric dirt bikes, ATVs, and ebikes. Each series carries our legacy of quality, innovation, and a passion for the sport. 

Dirt Bike

Conquer Off-Road Terrains

Dirt bikes are prepared for adventure enthusiasts, including hobbyist riders and professional racers. They are popular for professional racing such as motocross racing, trail riding, enduro competitions and recreational off-roading.

APOLLINO dirt bikes are engineered for power and efficiency with unparalleled displacement capabilities. We offer two-stroke engines (ideal for instant acceleration and quick maneuvers) and four-stroke engines (for a smoother experience).

All models, from the 50cc to 300cc, are manufactured with the riding experience in mind, catering to a broad audience with APOLLINO diverse dirt bikes that ranges from beginner-friendly models to high-performance beasts.

Electric Dirt Bike

Innovation Meets Sustainability

Embrace the future of off-roading with APOLLINO electric dirt bikes. Precision-crafted for environmentally conscious, tech-savvy outdoor enthusiasts, our electric dirt bikes are designed to deliver peak performance. What makes APOLLINO’s electric dirt bikes stand out is our revolutionary battery. Say goodbye to frequent recharges and welcome extended rides. High speed is what adventure lovers demand and we provide it. Our electric bikes outpace traditional counterparts even in challenging terrains.

Our wide range caters to you. We have a powerful adult series of electric off-road vehicles, as well as a youth series designed specifically for adventure with more safety factors in mind.


Conquer Any Versatile Terrains

APOLLINO ATVs stand out for their power, durability and agility. They give superior performance in all terrains, no matter how challenging, including sand, mud, rocks and hard-packed dirt. Our versatile ATV series delivers an exhilarating ride suitable for riders of all ages and experience levels. They’re also used for farming and recreationally for racing and tourism.

Whether your customer base consists of seasoned riders or newcomers, our ATVs are designed to cater to everyone’s adventure needs. Our wholesale ATV range includes sports ATVs, four-wheel drives, electric ATVs, recreational models, and a safe model for kids.

Electric Bike

The Future of Urban Riding

The future of urban commuting is here with APOLLINO ebikes. Ebikes provide a convenient and easy ride solution, while being eco-friendly. They’ve become popular with urban riders for their quiet, hassle-free operation, customizability and tech-integration.

APOLLINO’s ebikes set new standards for electric mobility with their lightweight frames, ingenious foldable design, and extended battery life. We have a wide range of electric bikes -from electric mountain bikes for adventure lovers to beginner-friendly city bikes for urban commuters. Upgrade your shop’s selection to by offering your customers top-quality electric bikes from APOLLINO. Deliver unparalleled quality to enhance your valued customers’ riding experience.

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