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Pioneering Off-road Motorcycle Manufacturer

If you’re looking for a trusted manufacturer to provide your customers with the best off-road motorcycles, APOLLINO is here to make your dream come true. Our journey began in an old factory in Wuyi City on February 14th, 2003. Today, we’re proud to say our hardware facility spans 64,000 square meters, and we manufacture 100,000 motorcycles annually and sold in 75 countries and regions.
We are continue to introduce more outstanding global talents to provide users with more diversified and high-performance electric motorcycle products and services. We are dedicated to developing and manufacturing vehicles that make cycling quite fun and to promote the development of off-road cycling culture!
years of experience
square meters hardware facility spans
motorcycles we manufacture annually

Company Culture

Since 2017, our objective has been to become the global leading brand in off-road electric motorcycles. We prioritize customer satisfaction and place innovation-driven technology and environmental sustainability above all else. APOLLINO is always committed to creating professional off-road electric products and service platforms for the new generation of riders.

Company Culture
Our Vision

Become the global leader in off-road electric motorcycles.

Our Mission

Building a global cycling community and make cycling life full of fun.

Our Position

Become the global leader in light, extreme cycling vehicles.

Our Values
  • Driven by innovation

  • Prioritizing Customer satisfaction

  • Adhere to community co-construction

  • Fulfill social and environmental responsibility

APOLLINO Signature Brands

Here are some of our famous brands that have become successful with the efforts of our team. You can get bikes for all ages of customers.

Commitment To Environment & Safety

Apart from our dedication to excellence, we are also committed to environmental safety. We proudly follow eco-friendly practices in our manufacturing facilities, ensuring that nothing harmful finds its way into our planet’s ecosystem. 

3C Certified

Our commitment to professionalism is validated by our 3C certificate, signifying compliance with Chinese environmental safety standards.

CE Marked

Products are CE marked to affirm their adherence to European health and environmental protection standards.

Tested by ASTM

Our bikes have undergone testing by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for the safety of young riders.

Customized Solutions For Your Vision

We have a keen insight into market trends and a profound understanding of the needs of new generation of riders. Through the unique business model of integrating products, scenarios and services, we continue to optimize user experience.
We proudly offer OEM and ODM Production for you. The ideas will be yours, and the work will be done by our expert team, which has 21 years of experience and built successful brands of sporting vehicles. So feel free to share your OEM or ODM needs.

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