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For those who want to explore the world beyond the beaten path, the right machine is crucial. ATVs have loads of features that make them ideal for the rigors of the outdoors.

ATV riding is popular among off-road racers, trail riders, and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. With their powerful engines, robust suspensions, and responsive acceleration, ATVs are off-road champions of any terrain, be it steep, rocky terrain, a mile-high dune, or a muddy riverbed.

APOLLINO manufactures top-quality 70cc to 500cc ATVs and electric ATVs, there’s an ATV for your needs and purposes.

Embark on an adventure with top-quality ATV ranges

ATV-Precision Engineering for Excellence in Off-Road Adventures

With 20 years of industry expertise, we bring a wealth of technical excellence to redefine your off-road offerings. From a potent Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system for controlled acceleration to an advanced suspension system with adjustable shocks, our ATV is crafted to excel in diverse terrains. For all the brands seeking the perfect balance of technical features and affordability, APOLLINO stands as your partner in conquering rugged terrains.

Exceptional Performance

Ease of Use and Operability

Experience superior handling and a remarkably smooth ride with our independent front and rear suspension and adjustable shocks. Conquer challenging landscapes with confidence using the selectable or automatic 4 wheeler ATV Drive (4WD) system. Enhanced traction and stability empower riders to navigate diverse terrains with superior grip and control.

Comprehensive Safety

Prioritize rider safety with a robust roll cage or roll-over protection system (ROPS). Rider-centric safety features, including a tether switch or engine kill switch, create a secure riding environment.

Electric ATV

The True Sustainable Powerhouse for a Redefined Off-Road Experience

Step into the future of off-road vehicles with APOLLINO’s Electric ATV, a groundbreaking combination of sustainability and performance. Our Electric ATV represents our brand philosophy of innovation and eco-conscious engineering.

Instant Torque for Responsive Control

The Electric ATV for adults or kids offers unparalleled control with instant torque output from its electric drive system. The silent yet powerful motor and sustainable ATV battery sets it apart as a game-changer in the off-road motorcycle market. The powerful electric performance ensures precise and immediate acceleration response for confident navigation. This allows the electric ATV to deliver impressive acceleration and top speeds comparable to traditional gas-powered counterparts.

Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

Electric ATV allows for an environmentally conscious ride with its cutting-edge electric drive system. We have put significant efforts into the eco-friendliness of this product, delivering an exhilarating off-road experience with a minimal carbon footprint shall enhance your brand’s public image. This would specifically appeal to riders who value eco-friendly practices.

Make Sure You Have an ATV in Stock for Every Need

Whether your customer desires a lightweight sport ATV to race , a workhorse on the farm, or a quiet ride with no smelly emissions, we can provide the exact bike to fulfill those needs. All our ATVs are built with quality and durability in mind and give their owner years of pleasure, won’t get damaged easily, and will need minimum repair and maintenance.
On top of that, our quality control measures ensure that all our off-road all-terrain vehicles are manufactured to the highest specifications for rider safety.

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